Village Acres Farm · Mifflintown, PA


From left: Debra, Hannah, Hope, Roy, & Julie

Village Acres Farm has a mission of connecting people to their food, the earth and each other, and is committed to growing food and building relationships that are sustaining, restorative, and transformative for their customers, employees, and selves.

Celebrating over 30 years of farming, 20 years of Organic certification and 15 years of serving the community through a CSA model, Village Acres operates as a diversified system, integrating vegetables, berries and pastured livestock.

Located just off Route 322 near Mifflintown – about 45 minutes from State College and Harrisburg – the 30 acre farm is centered in the village of Cuba Mills, nestled along the banks of the Lost Creek close to its confluence with the Juniata River.


  • Certified Organic produce
  • Pastured free-range livestock
  • Supplemental feed is all non-GMO
  • Family owned & operated
  • Focused on soil health & sustainability


  • Eggs
  • Wide variety of beautiful produce — varies from week to week!